Athlete Profile

Explore the accomplishments of teqball athletes with Datateq's interactive Athlete Profile dashboard.

Datateq is a website that features an Athlete Profile section with a Power BI interactive visual dashboard for teqball athletes. The dashboard allows users to filter through a range of options including year, category, and specific competitions. The dashboard is divided into three tabs: General Profile, Recent Results, and Career Achievements.

The General Profile tab provides detailed information about the athlete's profile. This includes the athlete's full name, height, preferred foot, as well as their current club and national team. Users can also see the athlete's profile picture and social media links.

The Recent Results tab displays the athlete's recent match results from the last five competitions played after the teqball 12-point rule change on February 23, 2020. The tab provides information about matches won and lost, sets won and lost, and the final standings of the last five events. Users can filter the results by year, competition, and category.

The Career Achievements tab offers users detailed information on the athlete's career achievements. This includes a list of events attended, medals won, and major titles. Users can see additional information about how the athlete won each title, such as the year and location of the event. If a player has won a major title that occurred before the rule change on February 23, 2020, a white mark will be displayed next to their number of major titles.

The data displayed in the Athlete Profile section is based on information available on the website, with a focus on matches played after the teqball rule change. Datateq offers users a comprehensive and interactive platform to explore and learn more about teqball athletes and their achievements.